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Magnetic Resonance

With a wide variety of patients and large range of clinical indications, you need MRI that can perform with digital clarity & speed in many clinical circumstances. With our MRI solutions, you can meet today’s healthcare challenges.
  • MRI in-bore experience

    MRI in-bore experience

  • Clinical applications selector

    Clinical applications selector

  • Coil Selector

    Coil Selector

  • MRI machines

    MRI machines

    Discover how Philips MRI Machines are designed to meet your imaging needs. Learn how Philips MR systems can help your organisation to provide excellent care.

  • Therapy Systems

    Therapy Systems

    "Discover how Philips magnetic resonance therapy systems enable oncology specialists to diagnose, guide and follow-up treatment challenges more effectively."

  • ScanWise Implant*

    ScanWise Implant*

  • Upgrades and Conversions

    Upgrades and Conversions

MR Body Map


Clinical cases from nearly every anatomy 


Explore 100+ clinical cases from your peers around the globe, that showcase how Philips MR digital technology strengthens your imaging needs.


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FieldStrength provides regular features and articles on magnetic resonance imaging. It serves as a resource for Philips MRI users to share solutions to their day-to-day challenges in MRI clinical practice.


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NetForum Community

NetForum Community

Visit our NetForum online community to share clinical experiences, optimize results, and learn from peers around the globe.



NetForum community

IntelliSpace Portal


IntelliSpace Portal delivers easy clinical workflow and collaboration tools to help you streamline your daily routine. Unlock the power of CT, MR, molecular imaging and ultrasound systems with rich clinical applications accessible wherever you are.


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IntelliSpace Portal

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* Pending 510(k), not available for sale in the USA. Initial availability on 1.5T systems.

* Initial availability on 1.5T systems.
* Only for use with MR Safe or MR Conditional Implants bystrictly following the Instructions For Use.