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Philips enterprise patient monitoring systems offer more than comprehensive and reliable data. They are designed to provide a bedrock of accuracy, precision and confidence that supports clinical decision-making at every level—in multiple environments. Networked and cableless solutions equip caregivers to track and manage patients’ needs in real time, from the point of care to another unit, floor, or wing of a facility, and beyond. Infrastructural advances in compatibility facilitate operation of Philips systems with existing enterprise, online and radio systems smoothly and effectively. And we work collaboratively with you to tailor our Customer Services to your patient care journey.


Philips patient monitoring systems provide up-to-the-minute measurements that support informed, expedient care. Our clinically rich tools speed care delivery time by aggregating multi-source data and proprietary algorithms to deliver actionable diagnostic information to care teams, virtually anywhere. Philips has the right combination of solutions, services and expertise to support the delivery of first-rate clinical care.

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In the moment: clinical decision support systems

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From algorithms designed to support category-leading precision, to configurable screens and multi-parameter alarming, the Philips patient monitoring portfolio equips physicians, nurses, clinicians and care teams with trustworthy, near real-time data.


This data maps to displays formatted for at-a-glance viewing of clinically relevant information that healthcare teams can readily analyze. Decision support applications aid in early detection of patients at risk of deterioration and foster prompt intervention. This accelerates decision-making by facilitating quick and appropriate responses, whether the call is made from the point of care or another floor, from the road or from home. Data extracted with these applications can also inform initiatives to improve alarm management.

Recent announcement

Philips and Masimo partner in patient monitoring and select therapy solutions

Sensor and signal processing technologies are an essential component of patient monitoring solutions, and Masimo is a prolific innovator in this field.  In 2016 Philips and Masimo signed a multi-year business partnership agreement in patient monitoring and select therapy solutions. View the video to learn more.

Clinical solutions and services

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Alarm management

Comprehensive Philips alarm management solutions and consulting services help redefine alarm system management programs. Near real-time monitoring data, and supplementary notifications support informed response and early intervention for effectively targeted care.
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Early Warning Scoring

The Early Warning Scoring (EWS) tools in the Philips IntelliVue Guardian Solution are designed for the swift detection of at-risk patients. EWS can help staff spot patient deterioration quickly and send proper notification to Rapid Response Teams.
patient monitoring

Lifecycle management for Patient Monitoring

Enjoy access to the latest functionality through regular software updates, clinical decision support tools, tailored clinical education, and end-of-life trade-ins. We help you optimize your existing infrastructure by enhancing workflow and minimizing pain points.
rightfit customized service agreements

Customized service agreements

Designed to offer flexibility with a range of multi-tiered support packages, RightFit Service Agreements allow you to choose levels of service to fit your exact in-house capabilities and meet your individual clinical, operational and financial goals.

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Customer service

Helping every customer find the right fit in proven service solutions.

Helping every customer find the right fit in proven service solutions.
Helping every customer find the right fit in proven service solutions.
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Financial solutions

Innovative financing solutions tailored for the healthcare community.

Helping every customer find the right fit in proven service solutions.
Helping every customer find the right fit in proven service solutions.