VISIQ Not just a new ultrasound, a new vision


Not just a new ultrasound, a new vision

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The Philips VISIQ system is designed to provide high-quality images – wherever and whenever care takes place. Philips has integrated more than 30 years of imaging technology into a transducer that fits comfortably in your hand.

It’s what’s inside that counts || Ultra mobile

It’s what’s inside that counts

Philips has taken advantage of advances in miniaturization to integrate a sophisticated broadband digital beamformer and powerful image acquisition module into the transducer, and designed it to work with a compact tablet display.
Image quality as good as a cart based... || Ultra performance

Image quality as good as a cart based system

VISIQ incorporates clinically proven technologies resulting in cart-based performance in a small format system that helps you easily and quickly get the high-quality images you need to make your decisions with confidence. Philips clinically-proven SonoCT acquires multiple lines of sight and compounds them in real time. Your images have few artifacts, improved contrast resolution and better defined tissue margins.
Smartphone-like user interface || Ultra simple

Smartphone-like user interface

If you’re familiar with smartphones, you’ll quickly become comfortable with VISIQ’s touchscreen user interface. Touch-screen gestures allow you to tap on icons to open features, pinch zoom in and out of images, and pan the screen to easily adjust your Doppler gate and scroll through images.
Providing remarkable mobility || Ultra mobile

Providing remarkable mobility

VISIQ’s thin, lightweight tablet has a built-in kickstand, can be placed on a bedside tray or table to view its exceptional, high-definition images. VISIQ’s slim, ergonomically designed stand is easy to move quickly from bed to bed and carrying it from clinic to clinic is a breeze. Its slim carry bag makes transporting the system easy, allowing you to deliver high quality care, whether in traditional or remote locations.
No-touch intelligent optimization || Ultra performance

No-touch intelligent optimization

XRES adaptive image processing enhances image quality through millions of calculations. XRES works in tandem with SonoCT to further reduce artifacts and improve contrast resolution and border definition. AutoSCAN, our no-touch intelligent optimization capability, automatically identifies tissue type and continuously adjusts the image gain while scanning to achieve enhanced uniformity and tissue brightness. Tissue Harmonic Imaging produces high-quality imaging with reduced artifacts, enhanced clarity and increased detail resolution.
So advanced, it’s simple || Ultra simple

So advanced, it’s simple

With precisely the information you need at your fingertips – nothing more, nothing less – you can make fast, informed decisions, enhance patient care, and increase patient satisfaction. This interactive multi-touch ultrasound system delivers just the right features and on-screen controls you need to perform the task at hand – whether it's conducting a well-being exam for an expectant mother or diagnosing abdominal bleeding.
Ready when you are || Ultra mobile

Ready when you are

VISIQ wakes from sleep mode and is ready to start scanning in a few seconds. Its battery life supports over 2.5 hours of back to back scanning, making on-the-go ultrasound a reality. Use built-in WiFi for DICOM data transfer to hospital and cloud PACS, to easily share and store images.