Break through boundaries

Break through

    Healthcare needs innovation from passionate start-ups

    We recognize the major challenges that start-ups encounter when trying to make the world a healthier place. Our team is committed to clearing the obstacles on start-up partners’ paths toward achieving breakthrough performance.


    • Navigate Philips strategy and requirements
    • Support to scale
    • Clinical feedback from Philips customers
    • Access to Philips global market
    • Long-term capital commitment

    An older patient uses an app on his phone.

    Start-up partners make an impact

    Lindacare logo

    Greater security for heart patients

    What if doctors could remotely monitor patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices? Two rounds of funding from Philips has helped Belgium-based Lindacare find out. Now, its solution is being paired with the Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular platform.

    A woman engages with BioBright technology.

    Start-up partners make an impact

    Biobright logo

    Streamlined scientific discovery 

    What if data from lab instruments could be sent to a centralized cloud? Boston-based start-up BioBright believes it could render millions of biological datasets and make it all computable. After partnering with Philips, BioBright was acquired by Dotmatics.

    Successful engagements with us are often based on:


    Seed level to Series B, with a validated solution


    A solution in line with our current focus areas ›


    Experienced founders with the capacity to bring about real change

    Rocco den Berg of Philips Ventures


    Want to know how to make the ecosystem your strongest innovation partner?

    Our innovation lead Rocco den Berg explains.

    Employees work together to create strategies to address healthcare challenges.

    How we work


    We work with start-ups and Philips to create mutually beneficial strategic relationships that address specific healthcare challenges.

    Our team

    Our team


    We strongly believe in being an active champion of our start-up collaborators as we drive long-term commercial relationships.

    Are we in strategic alignment?
    Let us know about your capabilities.

    James White, co-founder and president, Common Sensing, which received Philips funding.
    Philips gave us a framework and personalized advice to find and pursue the best commercialization path for our solution.”

    James White

    Co-founder and president, Common Sensing, which received Philips funding in a Series A round.

    Its mission: to build smart health technology and through user-oriented, ultraportable devices and experiences

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Philips Ventures?

    Philips Ventures is the early-stage innovation arm of Philips, collaborating with and investing in start-us and founders who are making an impact in healthcare around the world.


    Philips Ventures has been in operation since 2016. In this time, our group of experienced innovation and investment professionals have made more than 10 direct digital health investments through our venture capital fund vehicle. We’ve executed over 20 business sponsored investments and collaborations between start-ups and Philips businesses resulting in new solutions across our product portfolio.


    The team is based across the world in the hubs of Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Cambridge Massachusetts, Bangalore and Shanghai, and acts as the champion for start-ups within Philips.

    Who is a fit for Philips Ventures?

    Our team’s focus is on relationships with early-stage innovative companies across the world in our thematic areas of interest.

    From our experience, successful engagements often start with companies that meet the following criteria:

    For business-sponsored collaborations and investments:


    • Well-rounded and experienced founding team
    • Seed level and above, to Series B
    • Clearly defined and validated solution
    • Regulatory pathway completed or in progress
    • In-line with the Philips focus areas
    • While geographically agnostic; proximity to relevant Philips sites does support collaboration

    For the Philips Health Technology Venture Fund:

    • Series A/B stage
    • Initial investment of $2 million – $5 million EUR/USD, reserves at twice initial investment
    • We syndicate all deals
    • Company maturity at early commercial stage
    • Investment goal is to confirm product validation / value proposition and drive scale

    Who isn’t a fit for Philips Ventures?

    Our preference is toward digital propositions through software, analytics and tech-enabled services. We are not currently investing in development-stage businesses.

    What is a collaboration with Philips?

    There are different ways to create a relationship with Philips, depending on your solution and the requirement you have for growth. One of these ways is through our investment vehicles, whether direct or business sponsored, and another way is through a collaboration. 


    This collaboration could be based on a commercial contract with Philips or our customers, the sharing or licensing of IP, co-development, joint venturing and more. It is the responsibility of Philips Ventures to investigate these options and work with both you and Philips to create these opportunities for engagement.

    How do you help start-ups post-investment?

    Philips Ventures believes strongly in being an active champion of the start-ups that we invest in and/or collaborate with.


    Our investment leads work with your business to help you grow and scale, and provide guidance on business models, technical and commercial implementation, financing, team build and leadership and growth methodologies.


    Our innovation leads orchestrate collaborations between your business and the various business units within Philips and act as the intermediary between the business/market and start-up, helping you navigate the organization.

    What do other founders say about Philips Ventures?

    Philips Ventures has been recognized by industry peers over the years, and most recently was named the Most Prolific Corporate VC Investor in Rock Health’s Top 50 in Digital Health 2020.


    See our full portfolio.


    This is what some of the founders who have engaged with us over the years have to say:


    “Philips Ventures is synonymous with acceleration and sharpening our main value proposition.” Fabian Kording, CEO, north medical


    “With Philips Ventures’  early support, we've been able to rapidly grow in the digital health space building a transformative solution. In addition to investment capital, the Philips Remote Patient Monitoring Group found value in our solution and is a new customer this year.” 

    Anjali Kataira, CEO, Mytonomy


    “Philips was very open to share insights about medical device commercialization. This gave us the confidence to innovate our business model and growth strategy.”

    Graham Randall, CEO, Noninvasix


    “By working every week with Philips experts, we dramatically shortened the time from idea to product roadmap.”

    Elizabeth Asai, CEO, 3Derm


    “Philips gave us a framework and personalized advice to find and pursue the best commercialization path for our solution.”

    James White, co-founder and president, Common Sensing

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