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Philips AquaTrio Cordless 9000 Series


The most* complete hygienic cleaning solution is here

AquaTrio 9000 Series

*The only cordless solution with 3 configurations (vac only, vac & active mop, handheld); front & backward removal of multiple dirt types including spills and constantly cleaned brushes.

Advanced performance 3-in-1 system for the mess and spills modern life can throw at us

Vac & mop

Vacuum and truly mop simultaneously

AquaSpin nozzle vacuums and actively wet-cleans hard floors effectively to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria*, in one go.

 A constant flow of clean water and 2 ultra-soft microfiber Power Brushes rotating at very high speed ensuring that each part of your floor is treated hygienically with clean water only.

*Tested with bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, in vac&mop set-up (intensive setting) using water only.

Vac only

Advanced vacuum only set-up

Capture up to 98% of dust and dirt in each stroke**

Long runtime/turbo runtime: max: 90mins***

Exceptional maneuverability and visibility with deep reach, even under low furniture

LED lights on the nozzle to highlight hard to detect or previously hidden dirt

**In vacuum only set-up, on hard floors. Internal test for coarse dirt pick-up
***90 min: Applies in normal mode, vacuum only set-up, when using included second battery.


Detachable Handheld for added convenience

The vacuum only set-up can easily be transformed from a dry vacuum stick to a convenient handheld to clean upholstery, shelves and table surfaces with ease. Can be especially handy for hard-to-reach areas and easy touch-ups around your home and in your car.

Vacuum and truly mop simultaneously

Philips Cordless AquaTrio 9000 series
Patented high speed rotation brush technology

Patented high speed rotation brush technology with constant flow of clean water enables self-cleaning Power Brushes.


AquaSpin nozzle vacuums and actively wet-cleans hard floors effectively to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria*, in one go.

Constant clean water flow

Constant clean water flow from a dedicated clean water tank is released onto the floor, and immediately picked up again by the two Power Brushes. You'll never need to drag around a heavy mop bucket or use dirty mopping water again!

Aqua Diffusion System

Aqua Diffusion System immediately locks in the dirty water and can be emptied without having to touch the dirty mopping water.

AquaTrio 9000 series 3-in-1

Exceptional flexibility enabled by 3-in-1 Cordless Handheld: Easily switch from vacuum & mop to vacuum only set-up.

LED-light nozzle

Dedicated vacuum only set-up with LED for precise and powerful pick up of up to 98% of dust and dirt, in each stroke.

Space-saving storage

Space-saving After-clean & Storage Station stores the whole system together neatly and provides automated self-cleaning of the appliance and its Power Brushes

Digital LCD screen

Digital LCD smart screen guides you with all information you need during and after the clean. 

No more mess

Clean it all

What's in the box?

*Available only in XW9385.

The only cordless wet & dry vacuum cleaner with 2 patented high-speed, constantly cleaned brushes


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Can the appliance pick up dirt and suck up spills at the same time?

The unique AquaSpin nozzle vacuums and actively wet-cleans your hard floors at the same time, capturing all kinds of dirt, including liquids and tackling stains effectively to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria*, in one go. Dual-brush wet technology works at both the front and back of the nozzle to make every stoke count, picking up dirt from both sides.

*Tested with bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, in vacuum and mop set-up (intensive setting), using water only

Should I dry vacuum first before I wet clean?

On carpets and rugs, use the Vacuum only set-up. For your hard floors you can use Vacuum & Mop set-up, as the nozzle vacuums and actively wet-cleans to capture all kinds of dirt, including liquids and stains. No need to vacuum before! If your hard floors don't need mopping, simply use the vacuum only set-up which features LED lights and PowerCyclone 12 technology for precise and powerful dirt pick-up.

What floor types are suited to the appliance?

The Philips AquaTrio Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum 9000 Series is an advanced performance 3-in-1 system, made for the mess and spills modern and life can throw at us. It is designed to provide a complete, hygienic clean throughout your home and across different floor types*.

  1. Vacuum & Mop set-up vacuums and actively wet-cleans your hard floors simultaneously using the unique AquaSpin nozzle with two Power Brushes.

  2. Advanced vacuum only set-up is designed for thorough cleaning without water. Easily change the system to the vacuum only set-up for dirt pick up on all your hard floors and soft floors such as carpets and rugs.

  3. Detachable Handheld is ideal for cleaning upholstery, shelves and table surfaces with ease, while also being perfect for quick touch-ups or car cleaning.

*Wooden floors: Suitable for non-absorbent floors only

Can I use Philips AquaTrio Cordless on delicate floors?

If you currently clean your hard floors regularly with a wet mop without any problems, the Philips AquaTrio Cordless is also suitable. The Vacuum & Mop set-up includes microfiber brushes to remove dirt, stains and spills effectively while also being gentle. If you are unsure if your floor has been treated to make it water-resistant, please check with the manufacturer if you can use water to clean it. 

Can I use floor cleaner with my Philips AquaTrio Cordless?

The clean water tank has a capacity of 450ml, so you only need to add a few drops (10ml per use) of floor cleaner to the water.

How do I store the Philips AquaTrio Cordless and what is the size when stored?

Philips AquaTrio Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum 9000 Series can be conveniently stored in the After-Clean & Storage station so it is always clean, charged and ready for your next cleaning session.

- After-Clean & Storage station = L48 x W34.5 x H52 cm 
- Vacuum & Mop set-up = L25 x W27 x H114 cm 
- Vacuum only set-up = L30 x W26 x H118 cm

Can I use the Vacuum & Mop set-up on carpets and rugs also?

On carpets and rugs, use the advanced vacuum only set-up. Do not use the Vacuum & Mop set-up as it has an AquaSpin nozzle that is only suitable for hard floors.

How heavy is the Philips AquaTrio Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum?

If you have used a regular vacuum cleaner and a traditional mop before, it will only take you a short time to get used to replacing both with a Cordless Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner. The device only weighs 4 kg, unlike most bagged canister vacuum cleaners which can be over 5 kg. You will also enjoy the benefit of having no heavy mop bucket to carry around and no tricky mop maneuvers that can bend you out of shape! Thanks to its exceptional maneuverability and the design of the nozzle, it will glide over your floors with ease, with no lifting required. It also reduces effort overall as there's no need to mop first and vacuum after, the Philips AquaTrio Cordless does both simultaneously.

- Vacuum & Mop set-up = 4.2 kg
- Vacuum only set-up = 3 kg

Is the runtime long enough to clean my whole house?

The Philips AquaTrio Cordless has a powerful 25.2V lithium-ion battery which cleans for up to 45 minutes** in one go. One full battery charge can cover up to 185m2 of floor*** during your cleaning session.

Double the runtime to up to 90 minutes** in one go with the additional battery (included with XW9385/01 or sold separately).

**In normal mode, vacuum-only set-up ***calculated coverage based on IEC standard 0.5m/sec test speed

Is it possible to replace a battery or purchase an additional battery pack?

Yes, Philips AquaTrio Cordless has an exchangeable battery. You can double the runtime of the appliance with an additional Li-Ion battery pack available as an accessory (XV1797).

What maintenance is required to keep the appliance at optimal performance?

The digital LCD smart screen gives you all the information you need both during and after each cleaning session. It guides you with live updates on maintenance support, cleaning modes, battery power status and much more.

After-Clean & Storage station
Once your cleaning session is complete, simply place the appliance on the After-Clean & Storage station for an automated self-cleaning cycle that fully rinses the appliance and the Power Brushes. Once done, you can keep the whole system including the Power Brushes stored together so that it is all clean and ready for the next use.

Always clean & easy disposal
You can remove the dirty water tank to empty the contents at any point, without having to touch the dirty mopping water.

Filter and brush replacements
To keep your appliance at optimal performance, we recommend that you replace the filter and the Power Brushes every 6 months.

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