Your cooking companion for confident cooking every day!

Healthy cooking just got even easier – with all the best features of a Philips Airfryer to create deliciously tasty, healthy food, without all the oil. Whether you’re cooking family favourites or trying something new, the Philips Airfryers will deliver delicious results, every time.

Family enjoying fries

Discover the Philips Airfryers

Airfryer Combi
7000 Series XXL

with Integrated Food Thermometer

From start to finish, we've removed complexity and guesswork, so a bad meal is simply out of the question! The NutriU app connects to the AirfryerCombi* to give you the perfect balance of inspiration, guidance and control. Delicious results guaranteed!​

*Available with HD9880.

5000 Series XXL Connected

with RapidAir Technology

Your everyday cooking companion for creating hassle-free, nutritionally balanced and great tasting meals for the whole family, any day of the week.

Download the app for free:

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Airfryer 5000 Series XL

Up to 5 servings.

Airfryer 3000 Series XL

Up to 4 servings.

Airfryer 3000 Series L

Up to 4 servings.

Philips, best brand for airfryer, No.1

World leader
The world's leading brand in Airfryers

Product warranty, Philips, 2 years warranty

Product warranty
2 year product warranty from date of purchase

With Philips Airfryers you get

NutriU app

Make it easier
Guided cooking to create delicious food your way.

Less fat with rapid technology

Energy saving
Cook tasty meals with 70% less energy than a traditional oven.*

Airfryer, fast and efficient cooking

Time saving
Work more efficiently by cooking 50% faster than a traditional oven.*

Airfryer, cooking with perfect results

Perfect results
Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

*Average percentages based on internal lab measurement with products HD9280, HD9650, HD9860, HD9270, HD9285, HD9252, HD9200, HD9255, HD9880; cooking one chicken breast (AF setting 160C no preheat) or salmon filet (AF setting 200C, no preheat) vs. using an A class oven. Exact percentages vary and differ per airfryer type and recipe.

Philips Airfryer Combi 7000 Series XXL with integrated thermometer HD9880, Airfryer technology
Philips NutriU app, smart app for recipes

Exclusive NutriU app for connected cooking experience

With your Airfryer paired to NutriU, just select a recipe and then relax! Cooking can be monitored through the app and you’ll receive updates on the progress, giving you more freedom to focus on the things you love. The more you use your connected Airfryer, the more NutriU will learn how to enhance your cooking experience and be able to recommend recipes tailored to your preferences.

Philips Airfryer, get inspired beyond Airfrying

Cook with confidence – from frying to grilling, roasting to baking, braising,
toasting and more. 

With our unique airflow options, you can sear at high airflow for extra crispy fish, grilled veggies and potatoes. Choose low airflow to gently sous vide steak, slow cook stews and braise meats. Or set the bar higher with dynamic airflow to gently cook the inside of a stew, a casserole, breads or cakes. 

Airfryer with rapid technology

Rapid CombiAir Technology cooks food just how you like it

Your Airfryer Combi with NutriU automatically adjusts cooking time, temperature and air speed. The high, low and dynamic airflow cooking possibilities ensure your food is always deliciously tender on the inside and your preferred level of crispness to the outside.

Energy and time saving

Food Thermometer for perfecting your favorite foods easily

Add a personal touch: Cook steak and other proteins just how you like it, whether that’s rare, well done or somewhere in between. The integrated Food Thermometer gives you total control.*


*Available with HD9880.

Philips Airfryers, XXL capacity

More food in less time

Batch cooking or meals for 4 or more are easier than ever with our XXL capacity.

NutriU app

NutriU app

Delicious recipe ideas to your needs

Hundreds of recipes, tips and personalized recommendations

Daily inspiration to discover favorite recipes

Step-by-step instructions to become a better cook 

Seamless remote control of your Airfryer*

NutriU QR code

* Only connected Airfryers

NutriU app screens

Which airfryer is best for you

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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

What are the recommended temperatures and time settings for my Airfryer?


Fresh fries

Amount: 800-1200 g

Time: 18-25 min

Temperature: 180 ° C


Frozen fries

Amount: 400 g

Time: 12-16 min

Temperature: 180 ° C


Sweet potato fries

Amount: 500 g

Time: 18-25 min

Temperature: 180 ° C


Potato slices

Amount: 600 g

Time: 18-25 min

Temperature: 180 ° C

Read moreShow less


Chicken (whole)

Quantity: 1.2 kg

Time: 14 min to start, then 20 min

Temperature: 200 ° C to start, then 180 ° C


Chicken fillet

Amount: 250 g

Time: 8 minutes to start, then 8 min

Temperature: 140 ° C, 180 ° C


Chicken wings

Quantity: 6-8 pieces

Time: 15 -20 min

Temperature: 180 ° C


Amount: 100 - 400 g

Time: 6-7 min

Temperature: 180 ° C




Time: 7 min

Temperature: 200 ° C


Pork fillet

Amount: 400 g

Time: 12 min

Temperature: 200 ° C

Read moreShow less



Amount: 300 g

Time: 15 min

Temperature: 180 ° C


Amount: 400 g

Time: 15 min to start, then 3 min

Temperature: 180 ° C, 200 ° C

Cold, (frozen)

Amount: 400 g

Time: 10 min

Temperature: 180 ° C

Fish sticks (frozen)

Amount: 100-500 g

Time: 8-10 min

Temperature: 200 ° C

Read moreShow less



Quantity: 6 muffins

Time: 16 min

Temperature: 160 ° C


Chocolate cake

Quantity: 10-12 slices/ servings

Time: 15 minutes

Degrees: 160 ° C

Snack Potato chips:

Amount: 400 g

Time: 25 minutes

Temperature: 200 ° C

Kale chips

Amount: 200 g

Time: 15 minutes

Temperature: 200 ° C

Spring rolls

Amount: 100-400g

Time: 7 min

Temperature: 200 ° C

Read moreShow less

Do I need to preheat my Airfryer before use?

You don’t need to preheat the Airfryer before cooking. Simply add the ingredients, set the time and temperature and you’re ready to get started.

Can I use ovenproof moulds in my Airfryer?

All types of ovenproof moulds can be used in your Philips Airfryer. However, for the best fit and results, check out our accessories specially adapted for Philips Airfryer.

How do I clean my Airfryer?

All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean your Philips Airfryer after use. Simply follow the instructions to clean the inside and the heating element of your Philips Airfryer.

Can I get a recipe book for my Airfryer?

Download the Philips NutriU app for iOS and Android for delicious recipes, recommendations and tips.

Download the Philips NutriU app

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