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Philips HomeRun Vacuum and Mop Robot 3000 Series Aqua



Daily wet & dry cleaning without effort

Discover the joy of pristine cleaning every day. Expertly engineered to achieve great results with far less effort.

Philips Vacuum and Mop Robot 3000 series
Philips Vacuum and Mop Robot 3000 Series Aqua

Powerful cleaning that won’t miss a spot

Vacuum and mop in one go, XU7100

Vacuum & mop in one go

The robot vacuums and mops hard floors in one go to tackle the fine layer of dust that builds up on floors every day. Removing more fine dust than vacuuming alone, so the soles of your feet will stay clean even if you walk around barefoot.

Ultra-strong suction power, XU7100

Ultra-strong suction power

Ultra-strong suction power can pick up large dirt like crumbs and pet hair. It takes care of the everyday dirt build-up underfoot, as well as removing finer dust from deep within crevices, carpets and rugs.

Vibrating mop removes footprints gently yet effectively, XV7100

Detects carpets and increases suction power automatically

The robot automatically boosts suction power when it has driven onto a carpet or rug to capture fine dust particles hidden deep inside the carpet.

360° laser navigation

Maximum coverage of your floor: doesn't miss a spot 

  • The robot uses 360° laser navigation (LiDAR) to scan all rooms and create a precise map in no time.
  • The laser detects walls and large obstacles like furniture. The robot will find its way around furniture, while reaching deeper into corners and closer to walls so no area is missed.
  • Intelligent algorithms help the robot find the most efficient cleaning path from room to room for a fast & efficient cleaning.
  • Select in the HomeRun app which rooms to clean, set the cleaning sequence and select for each room a cleaning mode.

Come home to a complete clean

Come home to a complete clean

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a perfectly pristine floor after a busy day. Yet, finding the time to keep your home as clean as you’d really like can be tricky. But thanks to the exceptional cleaning capabilities of the Philips HomeRun robot you can achieve great results, with far less effort. The robot vacuums and mops hard floors in one go, removing more fine dust than vacuuming alone. You can enjoy the freedom of walking bare foot around your home, safe in the knowledge your soles won’t get dirty. To keep your home hygienically pristine, the mop is made of ultra-fine fibers to efficiently remove bacteria caused by germ carriers like dirty shoes and pet hairs.

Your intelligent helper saves you time and effort

Small obstacle detection

Cleans up to 200 minutes on a single battery charge

The powerful 4800 mAh Li-Ion battery ensures a run time of up to 200 minutes, so up to 150m² can be cleaned on a single charge. When the battery runs low, the robot will automatically return to the station to recharge. Once the battery is charged, it will return to the place where it has left off to resume the cleaning.

Auto-Empty, empties itself for 30 days

Empties itself: 30 days hassle-free

The robot empties itself automatically into the Auto-Empty Station in less than 30 seconds. The station contains a 3.0-liter disposable, anti-allergy bag that can hold up to 30 days* worth of dust, hairs and other dirt, to enjoy 30 days with no hassle of emptying. The bag can be hygienically disposed without a cloud of dust - ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Philips HomeRun app

Clean each room, your way

with the HomeRun app

Download the Philips HomeRun robot app

Cleaning schedule for your robot vacuum and mop

Control where your robot cleans

During its first run, your robot will create a precise map of your floor plan. With the HomeRun app, you can tell your robot which rooms you want cleaned, and in what order. If there are areas or things you’d like it to avoid - like precious items or a rug in a room you want to mop - you can tell it where not to go, or not to mop, as well.

Clean while you are away

Clean each room, your way

Give each room unique attention with one of five cleaning modes. Wet & Dry for the hard floors in the living room, Dry for the carpet in the bedroom, Intensive for the kitchen, or Quiet when you have a meeting. Once you've set up a cleaning plan, tap 'Start' anywhere, anytime, and let your robot take care of the rest.

Intuitive and easy to use HomeRun app

Set up once, quickly and easily

The HomeRun app guides you through every step of getting started. With step-by-step guidance, how-to videos, easy access to our Customer Care team and FAQs, we've made it easy to connect your robot to the app and start cleaning.

Vacuum & mop in one go
Removes more fine dust than vacuuming alone

Ultra-strong suction power 
Picks up large dirt

360° laser navigation (LiDAR)
Maximum coverage of your floor: doesn't miss a spot

Auto-Empty station
Empties itself: 30 days hassle-free

Long battery run time
Cleans up to 200 minutes on a single battery charge

Cleans in hard to reach areas 
Cleans below furniture thanks to low height (96 mm)

Stylish design
Available in a stylish design to fit in your home interior

What's in the box?

* Side brush factory attached in XU3000, needs to be manually attached before first use in XU3100.
** Available only in XU3100. One dust bag is already placed in the dust collection station.


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